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Here's the Nuzlockes I read that I think are still active or that are completed. See ALLLLLL the Nuzlockes I've ever read in :bulletyellow:this Favourites folder:bulletyellow: I promise all of them are worth a read and the artists are totally rad. <3

:iconzerochan923600: :iconzephyrlightningheart: :iconzephyr-azure: :iconyumeyoroshii: :iconyindragon: :iconyamikaisu: :iconyamashita-akadoragon: :iconxearlgreyx: :iconxxdeath-n-hellxx: :iconskittystrawberries::iconwyethcat: :iconwonksbrother: :iconwizard898: :iconwinstoniii: :iconwanlingnic: :iconvye-brante: :iconvulkabit: :iconvolbeatfiro: :iconvertigo-gal: :iconvelink: :iconumbreongal: :iconumberon9: :icontotoree12: :icontkdcory: :iconthenuzlockeduo: :iconthearmyartist: :iconteamheartgold: :icontalaseba: :iconsuch-a-wally: :iconsubarts: :iconstinkiesdraws: :iconslothlocke: :iconsixala: :iconsilvervanadis: :iconsilvermamepato: :iconshungie: :iconshiruba-wakahisa: :iconshidare-zakura: :iconshadottie: :iconshadeofshinon: :iconserastroph: :iconsaberinblue: :iconrtjgsketch: :iconrobbycobalt: :iconritsubel: :iconringo-mikan: :iconrealist-n: :iconraycrystal: :iconraycchan: :iconraineyj: :iconqlockwork: :iconpurplekecleon: :iconprotocol00: :iconpitchblackespresso: :iconpitch-black-nuzlocke: :iconphandenstein: :iconpettyartist: :iconperplexedcam: :iconperhapsgingersnaps: :iconpelliway: :iconpatilee: :iconparasols: :iconokonominazi: :iconnyapapa: :iconnoneko: :iconnintendopie: :iconnikkydash: :iconnights2dreams: :iconnicaranime: :iconneowth: :iconneko-kame: :iconmorianrhod: :iconmod2amaryllis: :iconmiss-arcadia: :iconmewitti: :iconmarche-towers: :iconmapsal313: :iconmad-revolution: :iconloki-wings: :iconlizdraws: :iconlizardandblankets: :iconlivious: :iconlightnymfa: :iconland-walker: :iconky-nim: :iconkittengoo: :iconkitfox-crimson: :iconkiahl: :iconkgscribbles: :iconjutopa: :iconjonquilladin: :iconjiolyemaster: :iconjexima: :iconjenniej92: :iconjelly-filled-zombies: :iconjellehbear: :iconjell--o: :iconisilayne: :icongodsammit: :icongiantturniparmy: :iconfullmetalsasukefreak: :iconfroodals: :iconfrogberri: :iconfoldedem: :iconfirenose: :iconfeymark: :iconepifex: :iconeldariel: :iconeclecticmagician: :iconeastern-katt: :icone-hjorth: :icondswalton: :icondragonwolfrooke: :icondoktorgilda: :icondmkryl: :icondesutinee: :icondejasquietplace: :icondarknymfa: :iconcythocalypse: :iconcynicalcucco: :iconclimbthecastlewalls: :iconclassywurmple: :iconchineseviking: :iconchiakiro: :iconcarminadelic: :iconcancer-cub: :iconc0baltjuce: :iconblazedgo: :iconblackwing2: :iconbeatrixthefinal: :iconartisan72: :iconantarija: :iconangel-heart89: :iconalex-namn: :iconah-oui: :iconaerorwen: :icon80roxy08:

More Nuzlockes

Or you could take a look the feature journals in my Group to help you find something more specific to read. Can you tell yet that I have an unhealthy obsession? ;w;

:iconfirstsummer-fans: :iconfirstsummer-fans: :iconfirstsummer-fans:






Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

I'm a Computer Science student who also does art.
Sometimes I have minor nervous breakdowns over the fact that I will most certainly not go to space in this lifetime.

Icon was a gift from AWaterFox, made by Satsumayu. :heart:

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It's that Pokemon Tag

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 17, 2014, 8:21 AM
Because I might as well type something while I procrastinate on everything.
Tagged by :iconrtjgsketch: and :iconnuvemallama:!

1) Top 12 favorite Pokémon:
1: Mareep - It's basically a ball of fluff with legs and it's shaped like a pillow and you can line your jacket and boots with its fur and wear them while you cuddle it and then you have TWICE THE FLUFF and it even has a cute face it's clearly the best Pokémon okay
2: Rapidash - (Insert speech of Pokémon Fan Club Chairman here)
3: Leafeon - A fox/cat thing that has foliage growing on its body, it has silky fur AND performs photosynthesis! And unlike normal plants, it moves out of the sun instead of just sitting there and stoically awaiting its death.
4: Espurr - A great companion to bring along to unpleasant meetings. The other person will be just as uncomfortable as me. (So far, this just seems to be a list of pets I want, sorryyyyy)
5: Wartortle - Maybe my Nuzlocke is just taking so long because I don't want Nathan to evolve
6: Magnezone - That's my "I will never get over this Nuzlocke death" Pokémon. My poor baby. ;w; ;w; ;w; Having lots of fun with the one on my Tailwind team, too~
7: Totodile - It has SO MANY TEETH and stubby arms, it's my favourite starter forever and always
8: Gyarados - I never cared much about it, but it was my absolute MVP in the Monotype Tournament and an angry face combined with actual destructive powers makes me happy
9: Scolipede - If I ever had to ride into battle, I would leave Rapidash at home and choose this majestic creature
10: Tropius - Fat, flying dinosaur that grows fruit on its neck come on
11: Aurorus - I JUST REALLY LOVE DINOSAURS and it's beautiful and I like its cry and I don't care how much it sucks in battle
12: Tyranitar - I can't stop thinking about dinosaurs/lizard things and this one doesn't suck

As usual, ask me again tomorrow and the list will be completely different. (Don't actually ask me again tomorrow, this is the most exhausting question ever.)

2) I guess favourite type?
Water type supremacy

3) Favorite dual-typing Pokémon?
I think I can put Tentacruel here. It's not cute but I'm having so much fun with it. :'D

4) Favorite generation?
Always the current one because I'm easily impressed by shiny graphics and interface improvements.

5) What generation did you start playing pokemon with?
1st! I think I got Pokémon Stadium for Christmas in 2000 and Pokémon Yellow for my birthday in 2001, shortly before Gold/Silver was released in Europe.

6) Are you a genwunner?
Eeeeew hell no

7) Favorite dual-typing?
Dragon/Fairy. Just because I knew a Pokémon of this dual-type would be coming when the Fairy type was announced. : D

8) What do you think of Nuzlockes?
My entire spare time revolves around them ... I guess they're okay

9) Favorite Nuzlocker?
All the ones that I read are my favourite because they all have something special and amazing about them. ;A; Can I get away with that and just list some that I think should have many, many more readers?
:iconwinstoniii: :iconshungie: :iconmarche-towers: :iconpitchblackespresso: :iconmiss-arcadia: :icon80roxy08: :icondmkryl: :iconartisan72:
I'll stop here because if I put too many, nobody will look at any of them. ._.
Also, you're all tagged! :V (Only if you want, of course.)

10) Favorite Mega?
Foto 24.11.13 12 01 44 by Krisantyne
The sad thing is, I hatched 920 eggs for my Mega Gardevoir with 4 perfect IVs, but I still love this one a little more.


by NikkyDash c:

When the backpack is so annoying to draw that you count it as a character. 

35 deviants said I wouldn't be sad if the backpack died in a fire
23 deviants said I laugh at Kris every day because my characters carry all their shit in a fashionable belt pouch and nobody has questioned this yet
21 deviants said The backpack takes longer to draw than most of the Pokémon
15 deviants said But at least the lineart is done now praise the Helix
15 deviants said I know how you feel, I made regrettable design choices for my main character, too

Friendly PSA

I won't jump down your throat or anything if you ignore this, but it would make me very happy if you didn't flood me with these repetitive messages.
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ *☆゚.*・。゚

Don't thank me Stamp by owleyed-angel Don't Thank Me for the Llama by DirtyZephyrAssassin


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